Adele: Youtube Videos of Her Hits

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Adele is the biggest musical sensation in Britain right now, and I wouldn’t bet against her taking the US by storm very soon, if she hasn’t already. She has a brilliant voice, just check out these videos.

I love nothing more than to find new and real singers- it is just so fresh these days. With Adele, she may not be strictly new but she is back with a vengeance at the moment with her second album, 21 after massive success with her debut album 19. She is one of the those real singers, the type that can write their own material and sing live, just the way it is recorded. For me that is a real singer and the type of music i want to listen to.

Her biggest song to date was probably the one that has had the longest chart time- Make You Feel My Love. It keeps returning to the charts over and over again when it has been covered or used on a television program.

Her latest single Someone Like You has been huge since she first performed it at the Brits 2011 last month and went to number 1. Adele is the only living person since The Beatles to have two singles and two albums in the top 5 of the charts.

Below are some YouTube videos of Adele singing her best songs to date, and also a few from her latest album, 21, that i think will be big hits for her.


Future Adele Hits From Her Latest Album, 21:

What did you think?

Out of the future hits i really like Don’t You Remember? I just think it is another of those really powerful Adele songs that everyone can relate to, if you have been in love.

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