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A feature article involving Nabac and music in general.

These days it seems like pop, r’n’b, and rap are the most popular genres on the music scene. The youth today have forgotten about good old traditional music and opted for something more, well what seems to be classed as more modern or so we think.

Much to the amazement of many there are the few traditional music lovers still alive out there and no they are not all in their 70’s and 80’s but rather in the early 20’s. This group of young talented vocalists and musicians are making the old music be known again. They are putting their own mark on traditional music lyrics.

The band, which are made up of two women, (Norianna Kennedy and Liz Coleman), and three men, (Ciaran O’Donghaile, James Ryan and Paddy Kennedy) are known as Nabac. A nice Irish name to go along with their great Irish music. In English Nabac means “No Bother” or “No Worries”.

It is so good to see such a young group of people deciding to take on the traditional music especially when over the past few years we have seen an invasion of the likes of pop, rap and r’n’b music. It always seems to be the same genre of people that perform certain music or so we believe. We tend to associate the older generation with traditional music and today’s generation with pop etc. 

Nabac are amazingly talented at what they do. Each of these can play more than one instrument and do so in the band. Noriana plays whistles and also does the lead vocals in the band, Liz plays fiddle and Mandolin, Ciaran blows you away with flute, pipes and whistle playing, James struts his stuff on the guitar, Mandola and banjo and then finally Paddy shows his talent on the bodhran, flute and Cajon. If all of that in one band doesn’t impress you then what will?

The band has been going strong for about five years now and seems to be getting even higher in the popularity stakes as the years go by. They have the background of musical study and have certainly worked hard for what they have achieved today. Unlike many of the televised manufactured bands around today, who just seem to fall into the world of music these day’s.

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