66 Songs You Should Know If You Love Punk Music…

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Punk songs you probably don’t know, that you probably should.

 Before I begin my list, a few points for the naysayers and “purists” I will undoubtably stumble upon and offend.  I have been listening to punk music since the early 80’s.  I grew up on the Misfits, the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, and such;  saw most of them live, in fact.  I actually saw rollins and danzig when they were still just angry skinny little white guys.  I have watched the music, the mindset, and the lifestyle evolve.  In time I’ve realized thet punk is not always angry kids playing badly as it started.  Most punk bands of note are actually talented musicians who write quality songs, and even use things like (gasp!) harmonies.  So if I offend anyone with some of the songs on my list, and the wish to argue the merits of just how “punk” they are,  feel free to take the time to gain an understand what punk is.  Just because a band isn’t the sex pistols… (who, while I do love them, were musically awful)  this doesn’t mean they don’t fit the bill.

     Now, a bit about the list itself… I chose to only have one song per band… otherwise the list would have been three quarters flooded by the same half dozen or so bands.  And I tried to pick songs that were great songs not so widely known.  The whole point of lists like this is to share music with others who may not have experienced them.  If you’re anything more than a casual fan of the music, you already knoow 21st Century Digital Boy, Bro Hymn, and I’m The One.  So off we go….

“Hate”     Joykiller

“Wake up and Lose”     The Humpers

“Fairytale of New York”     The Pogues

“All My Friends are Ghosts”     Scared of Chaka

“Cashing In”     Pulley

“Shut Me Up”     Mindless Self Indulgence

“Kemp”     Millencolin

“Incorporeal”     Tiger Army

“Give It All”     Rise Against

“Biggest Lie”     No Use For a Name

“It’s a Fact”   The Vandals

“Hard to Impress”   Catch 22

“Sound of the Republic”  Raised Fist

“Step Down”   Sick of it All

“End on 9″  Guttermouth

“Coffee Mug”   Decendents

“Along the Way”    Bad Religion

“Reach for the Sky”  Social Distortion

“My God”      Pennywise

“Stickin In My Eye”       NoFx

“Sidekick”    Rancid

“Elders”   Offspring

“Open Your Eyes”   Goldfinger

“Smile No More”    Gashuffer

“Betrayed”   Rich Kids on LSD

“Independence Day”    Down By Law

“Broken Bubble”    Ten Foot Pole

“Eric’s Had a Bad Day”    Snfu

“Pyro”     t.s.o.l.

“Dolphenwolf”    Zeke

“Never Connected”    Union 13

“Gotta Go”   Agnostic Front

“Ordinary Front”     I against I

“Salt Lake City”    The Dwarves

“Twice as Nice”     Deviates

“Pretend We’re Dead”    L7

“Get Back”     Zebrahead

“Date Rape”    Fishbone

“Let’s Get the Baby High”     Dead Milkmen

“Fight to Live”    Bouncing Souls

“War Profiteering”   The Suicide Machines

“Written In Stone”    Fu Manchu

“Paper Thin”   Hot Water Music

“Tonight I’m Burning”    Bombshell Rocks

“All My Friends are Dead”    Turbonegro

“Makeshift Patriot”   Sage Francis

“Sick Little Suicide”    The Matches

“Press Corpse”    Anti-Flag

“Radio”    American Eyes

“Thunder of Hearts”     Buzzcocks

“Like a Bad Girl Should”    Cramps

“Girl Anarchism”     Dresden Dolls

“Brotherhood”    Flatfoot 56

“Not a Crime”    Gorgol Bordello

“Total Immortal”    AFI

“Drunken Lullabies”    Flogging Molly

“Ratt Fink”   The Misfits

“Over My Head”    Sum 41

“Starve”  Rollins Band

“Somewhere on Fullerton”    Allister

“Makes no Sense at All”    Husker Du

“Caught With the Meat in Your Mouth”     Dead Boys

“I’m Gonna Live”    Circle Jerks

“Street of Dreams”    The Damned

“Long Division”    Fugazi

“Institutionalized”    Suicidal Tendencies

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