25+ Rocknroll Songs That You Can Dance to

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You don’t need pop, techno or latin music to dance. If you are an avid rock fan like me and love to dance, you will love these songs. They are fast, fun and they make dancing much more fun.

How do you like to dance? I don’t mean knowing to tango or any other fancy stuff. Sure, I tried some Latin ballroom dances and I really will admire you if you are good at it. But I am just talking about dancing to your heart’s desire. While I was taking a mixed course of salsa, cha-cha and rumba, I drove my instructor crazy. Sure, I would have clung to his every word if he looked anything like Antonio Banderas or Patrick Swayze. Well, he didn’t. And there is so much latin music I can handle. I have nothing against it, but getting your dancing steps take a lot of practice and you can’t improve when you learn one beat in the class and you practice at home to Guns’ n’ Roses. Yep. You move faster and disappoint your teacher. However, this ain’t no class. These are some of my favorite dancing tunes. I improvise and do whatever I want. And believe it or not, I actually look good dancing to these songs. Enjoy the list. Put down some of the videos too…

* Aerosmith-from the album Pump: My girl, Young Lust


                    from the album Permanent Vacation- Permanent Vacation, I’m down

                                                                                 Dude looks like a lady


                                       from the album Get a grip:Shut up and dance, Eat the rich, Line up


*Warrant:  We will rock you- Queen Cover

               From the album Cherry pie: Cherry pie, Sure feels good to me, Love in stereo

*Bon Jovi- from the album Crush- One wild night

                                                      - I could make a living out of lovin’ you



*Whitesnake- from the album Trouble- Lie down, Come an’ get it, Wine women and song,

                       from the album Coverdale Page: Feeling hot

* Def Leppard- from the album Adrenalize- Tear it down


* Poison- Poor Boy Blues

               – Look What the Cat Dragged in

* Jet- Are you gonna be my girl


* Robert Plant/ Alison Krauss- I’ll be gone


* Elvis Presley- Jailhouse Rock

* Motley Crue- from the album  Dr. Feel Good- Rattlesnake shake


*Goo Goo Dolls- Disconnected

            Of course, this isn’t all. Are you kidding me? This is rocknroll we’re talking about. I’ll be back.

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