10 Songs That Will Get You Pumped

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10 songs that get your blood pumping.

All of these recordings are not live unless the live video is better for some reason. I have found the best quality videos for each song! I highly recommend a high amount of the resource VOLUME for full effect! Enjoy!

This first song is well known by most and is probably the song that will inject the most adrenaline into your system when going paintballing or playing Call of Duty: World at War! Indestructible by disturbed really gets you going!

The second song I have chosen to add to this list is Papercut By Linkin Park. This song keeps you going the beat is strong and the lyrics are intriguing to say the least.

This next song is by the Rolling Stones, who hasn’t heard of the Rolling Stones?! Paint it black has been featured in more then a few movies and a couple of television shows. It gets you going sometimes!

This song is mostly made adrenaline pumping by the backup music not even the main singer, Amy Lee. This song is Bring me to Life by Evanescence

Now, we have completly missed techno on this trip so far! Let’s not forget about Darude and Daft Punk? This song in particular is by Daft Punk and it keeps you moving! Welcome, Sandstorm!

TTFAF, If you know what this stands for you sir/madam are a Guitar Hero 3 NERD! However who can blame you when this awesome Dragonforce song call Through the Fire and Flames is so amazing!

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