10 Songs About Telephone

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Telecommunications was such an inspiration even for singers and I suppose you could bring back the memories.


Operator (1972) – Jim Croce

This song released in 1972 certainly immortalizes Jim Croce after his death on a plane crash back in September 1973 (he was just 30). For those too young to recall Jim, songs like “I’ll Have to Say I love You in a Song” and “Time in a Bottle” were his classic hits.

Telephone line (1976)-ELO

Included in Electric Lights Orchestra’s “A New World Record” album, this song made it to top 10 in both UK and US charts. The movie “Joyride” also adopted this as a theme song in 1977.

Call me (1980) – Blondie

Blondie was actually a band not about a singer and composed of singer Deborah Harry with guitarist Chris Stein. Most guys will feel hot about Harry considering she used to be a Playboy Bunny before trying her luck at music. “Call me” became the band’s hit in 1980 topping both US and UK charts.

Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair, 1983)-Sheena Easton

Sheena Easton would be best remembered with songs such as “For Your Eyes Only” which became a soundtrack in the 12th James Bond movie. Included in the “Best Kept Secret album”, Telefone achieved success in the US becoming Sheena Easton’s 4th top 10 hit and almost became the tune of the mid 80s.

I Just Called to Say I Love You (1984)- Stevie Wonder

Included in Stevie’s “The Woman in Red” album, this song made it to Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks and later won a Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Song. Not bad for someone singing with both eyes closed don’t you think?

Hello (1984)-Lionel Ritchie

Released in 1984 from the album “Can’t Slow Down”, this song made it to no. 1 in 3 Billboard charts.


Don’t Lose My Number (1985)- Phil Collins

Phil Collins has this song in his 3rd solo album titled “No Jacket Required” released in September 1985 which peaked to number 4 in the US.

Dial my number (1985)- Romano Bais

This was a popular disco song back in 1985 and the rhythm could be easily relived to date with the memories for those who were born old enough to enjoy this at discos during the mid 80s.

Call Me (1986)– Dennis de Young/Styx

Dennis de Young had a break from Styx to launch his second solo album titled “Back to the World” where “Call Me” was included.  

Telephone (February 2010)-Lady Gaga feat Beyonce

Featured in Lady Gaga’s 2nd studio album “Fame Monster”, this song also exploits the rare team up with another R@B singer Beyonce Knowles.  This was actually a planned duet with Britney Spears but the plan didn’t work out so Beyonce just fitted into the scheme which for me was a perfect pairing. Well, this was the latest of those telephone-oriented songs produced to date and I hope you liked it all.

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