10 Best Songs of The 80s to Shake Your Body

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Have you come across good songs that make you shake your body? This article lists 10 best songs of the 80s that make me shake mine. Give them a try.

Have you come across a melody that makes you shake your body? Some melodies are so lively that it is difficult not to shake, even when sitting. This article shows you 10 best songs of the 80s that have the power to make me shake my body. The list is presented in alphabetical order of the song names, with the singers and the released years followed. All photos come from Wikipedia unless specific. Hope you enjoy.

 1. Beat It – Michael Jason – 1982

(Beat it, single by Michael Jason.)

Since I have already written three song lists, I try to avoid duplication, but cannot resist adding Beat it in this list again. No need to watch the music video, just listen to the song alone is enough to let me shake my body.

2. Brother Louie – Modern Talking – 1986

(Brother Louie, single by Modern Talking.)

Brother Louie was a big success, particularly in German for being number one and stayed in the chart for 25 weeks. The song might not target to the US market. If you have no idea on this song, highly recommend giving it a try.

3. Funky Town – Lipps Inc. – 1980

(Funky Town, single by Lipps Inc.)

Funky Town is a disco hit song that makes people shake your body. The song was a big success in many markets, being the number one on the chart in US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Australia and the Netherlands.

4. Get out of My Life – Lady Lily – 1987 (album released year)

(Get out of My Life, album by Lady Lily, image from Google Search.)

Get out of My Life has a wonderful melody and its powerful lyrics speak for many hearts. The song was a disco hit of the 80s. First time I heard this song was the Japanese version sung by an idol YĆ« Hayami. The native language of Lady Lily is German and her husband wrote the song.  

5. It’s a Sin – Pet Shop Boys – 1987

(It’s a Sin, single by Pet Shop Boys.)

Pet Shop Boys is being regarded as the most successful duo in the UK music history. Neil Tennant, one half of the duo, showed his great talent by taking 15 minutes to write the lyrics. It’s a Sin was very popular, particularly in the UK and overall Europe.

6. Like a Prayer – Madonna – 1989

(Like a Prayer, single by Madonna.)

Family and religious groups criticized and protested the song for its controversial music video. However, this does not stop the song from being popular. You may still protest, but the song has the power to make me shake my body whenever listening to it.

7. Never Gonna Give You Up – Ricky Astley – 1987

(Never Gonna Give You Up, single by Ricky Astley.)

Never Gonna Give You Up was a worldwide number-one hit. The popularity of the song had something to do with rickrolling. Imagine rickrolling happen on you, when you click a non-music link, but it leads you to Astley video, will you get angry or feel lucky to learn this song?

8. The Loco-Motion – Kylie Minogue – 1987

(The Loco-motion, single by Kylie Minogue.)

The original version of The Loco-Motion was sung by Eva Boyd under the stage name Little Eva in 1962. Though this song has been sung by many other singers afterwards, I have only heard Kylie Minogue version. The song was first released in Australia in 1987, then worldwide one year later.

9. Too Many Broken Hearts – Jason Donovan – 1989

(Too Many Broken Hearts, single by Jason Donovan)

Too Many Broken Hearts is Jason Donovan’s first solo number one single. His first number one single is Especially For You, sung together with Kylie Minogue. His first five singles, all come from his first album, gained him a lot of music fans.  

10. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham! – 1984

(Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, single by Wham!)

Wham! is a famous British duo formed by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. This duo has many fans all over the world. They even held a concert in China in 1985. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go was their first UK number one hit. It also hit number one in US, Sweden, Norway, Canada and Australia charts.

Listen to these songs of 80s, they are still very enjoyable now. They are all time favorites to me. Have you given them a try sees if any of them make you shake your body? If your favorites are not in the list, please do not feel angry. Welcome to leave me a message so that I can check them out. Thank you.


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