Super Junior – Latest Most Popular Korean Boy Band

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Ever heard of Super Junior? I’m sure most Asian teens would say a big YES to this question. Why are they popular? Read on.

I don’t know why most Asian teens, even my nieces, are very much fond of this Korean boy band. Honestly, I was able to know this band from my niece who has a collection of their pictures and even magazines that feature them. I asked her who they are, she said, they are the latest most popular and the cutest Korean band. I listened to their songs and of course they are Korean songs and I really don’t understand the lyrics as I am not well-versed with Korean language, so I asked my niece why she likes the songs of the band, she said even if she doesn’t understand it, it thrills her whenever she hears their voice and see them singing, oh my! I guess the physical appearance of the members of this band is a big factor why they became most popular. Well, let us know them well.

Super Junior or SuJu, shorter term for Super Junior, is a South Korean boy band formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2005. The band, consisted of 13 members, namely, Leeteuk (leader of the group), Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum and Kyuhyun,  is one of the largest boy bands in the world. But as of this month, September 2011, the band is now down to eight active members. Han Geng left the group because of some lawsuit issue with S.M. Entertrainment. He is now pursuing his own singing career in Mandarin pop entertainment industry. Heechul and Kangin left the group temporarily for mandatory military service. Siwon temporarily halts his activities with the group because of his upcoming filming of the drama movie, Poseidon. Kibum is now active in his acting career.

Super Junior is highly acclaimed for their musical style. They are renowned for their vocal harmonization as each member contributes a different position range in their music. Some members are credited for their vocal belting techniques.

Super Junior is also known for their dance styles. Their dance styles are widely called as street and hip hop dancing, with moves such as floating, liquid dancing, popping, and waving. They also dance in the form of martial arts, Han Geng and Sungmin are professionally trained in this area. Shingdong is the choreographer for the majority of the group’s dance performances.

Aside from their great performances in singing and dancing, members had individually acted in television dramas too. Leeteuk was the first one to act in the group. He was an extra in a drama entitled, All About Eve, in 2000, and acted as a moviegoer.

Super Junior starred in Super Junior Mini-Drama, a television drama hosted by the whole group that was released in late 2006. They were the one who wrote, produced, and acted in the separate half-hour mini dramas.


I guess they are more than just cute boys, they are great performers as well! And that made them popular.

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