My Best Break Up Songs for Women

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They say listening to a good break up song will make you feel better after a break up. All those times I broke up with somebody or got dumped, it was really difficult finding a good break up song theme to go along with my crying and mend that broken heart.

I’ve compiled my personal best break up songs that have helped me, to help you scrape that face off that wet pillow. You know what I’m talking about. I’m a chick, so this song list is for women. I don’t go for “No Woman, No Cry” or “Achy Breaky Heart” type music. Do those songs really help?

“Unbreak my Heart” by Toni Braxton – I remember the first time I saw her video on MTV. It is such a beautiful song and Toni Braxton does a fantastic job singing it. Best break up song if your lover died or somebody died. Or maybe you can just pretend your Ex died. It’s kind of heavy that way.

“Tiny Dancer” by Elton John – I first hear of Elton John when he sang the opening to the Lion King animated movie. As a kid then, to be honest, really did not like his voice because it is so deep. And most of the time, I don’t know what he’s saying. But “Tiny Dancer” is so good, best unrequited love song ever heard in the movie “Almost Famous”. That’s a good broken heart movie too. “Tiny Dancer” is a good song to listen too when you feel defeated.

“No Good in Goodbye” by Jewel – I love Jewel so much, and she has so many great break up songs. Good song for saying we tried everything but there is nothing more to it.

Other break up songs by Jewel:

“You Were Meant for Me” – (and I was meant for you). If you need to cry a lot, this song will get you going.

“Foolish Games” – on the cruel games lovers inflict on each other.

“Love me, Just Leave me Alone” – for a nonchalant, strong woman after a break up. Very country. 

Look Jewel up and listen to her other songs. Somebody must have broken up with her many times to cause her to write so many break up songs. She has written and sang a great variety of songs over a long career, some good, some not so good.

“Gonna Get Over You” by Sara Bareilles – (I see you’re drivin’ ‘round town with the girl I love.. and I’m like, fuck you…)You can listen to this Sara all day and not get tired. She’s that talented. She sang the song “Gravity” featured in the TV series Vampire Diaries.  

“Chasing Pavements” by Adele – (should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements even if it leads nowhere?) Adele is one of my favourite singers. This song is for those stuck in a dead end relationship that just needed to end.

“Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” by Jack Johnson – for those who have gotten out of an emotionally abusive relationship. Feel great about surviving.

“You and I Both” by Jason Mraz – (Another day to sing about the magic that was you and me). For the break up with good memories and no hate. 

(I actually got teary eyed making this list! Get better soon!)

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