How to Cut Vocals From a Song and Make It a Minus One or Karaoke Version

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Make a song into a karaoke version!

Is there a time that you needed a song without the vocals in it? You look in the internet for karaoke or instrumental version but you have not found anything? Well, if you cannot find it in google, then you can make your own! Yes, you can cut the vocals of your favorite song and turn it into a karoke type version in four easy steps.

1.       You need to open a music editor. In this tutorial, I am going to use cool edit. Open your cool edit. If the picture below is the one you are seeing after you opened cool edit. Click the green icon on the left side (below the file and edit menu)

2.       Open the file that you want to edit. Click File>Open>Select the location of the file. You can also click CTRL+O as a keyboard shortcut.

3.       Click Effects>Amplitude>Channel Mixer. After that, you can see the channel mixer tab. In the presets section (right side) Click Vocal cut. Wait for the process to load.

4.       Then save the file. File>Save as. You can choose the format you wanted the song to be saved. For most music media player, it is recommended to have mp3 format.

This way is applicable to any song. However, there are times that this cannot be done to some music clips because the song that you have downloaded is not divided in different channels. You can try downloading in other music source and try the technique again.

The next tutorial that will be presented is about how you can add your own voice to your “karaoke” version music!

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