Fliprap Arena News: Syb Mark vs.. Mark Daquiz

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FlipRap Hiphop Arena battle of Filipino Rappers – Hardcore Championship match.

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Syb Mark vs. Mark Daquiz- HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP match.

FIGHT RULES. 8 Lines/ 2 Rounds/ 7
min. per round. No recycling, biting, biased votes, or cheating. Winner
will be the Hardcore Champion.

SYB MARK- From Pasay City, Philippines

- He’s one of the most enthusiastic players in the Fliprap Arena. His aggressive street style in battle makes his opponents scared of him.


Mark Daquiz-From LAS VEGAS, NV

His originality, delivery, and creativity combined makes him one of the best players in the Fliprap Arena.


Syb Mark started it off with some intense lines, calling Daquiz a “garbage man”, worthless, and dumb. His flow was consistent with his internal rhyme schemes, and it’s clear to the audience, but he seemed to have trouble hitting Daquiz with a strong punch line. He made fun of Daquiz’s family, telling him that his whole family is insane. And then in the last few lines, he tells him that Daquiz couldn’t even afford Adobo (a Filipino dish) because of his lack of intelligence. I thought that was funny.

Then Mark Daquiz started it off cooly, telling Syb that his face is messed up. He tells Syb that he has no chance of winning the fight with him. Then his flare starts off when he talks about alcoholic drinks: San Miguel, Cerveza Negra – using them as metaphors to describe Syb’s dark complexion. Then, he tells him that his punch lines were copied from Fliptop. His creativity with his punch lines were consistent; he talks about how Syb delivers his lines sounds like a bedtime story.


Syb’s second verse sounded angrier, more vulgar, telling Daquiz that he talks too much, comparing him to a female’s genitalia. And then, he tells him that he’s a waste who needs to be thrown out because of his bad odor. He continues to spit in an angry tone. None of the lines really stood out to me.

Daquiz’s tone was playful in the second round. He tells Syb to research his name in the archives, and he’ll find Daquiz’s name -Very clever delivery. One of the best lines that Daquiz delivered was when he said that his words are “cooked” in his own oil -which is a symbolism of his “unoriginal style”. Then, he tells him that people easily get tired of Syb’s lines. He tells Syb that he’s not sitting on the throne; he’s sitting on his toilet. Daquiz has clever imageries that make this battle memorable.

In the end of the day, Daquiz wins the Hardcore Championship!


What do you think of your opponent Syb Mark?

“Well, Syb is good! He had a great battle with Lnz Dny and I know he’s been battling for quite some time. I just think though that his rhymes are ordinary. I mean, not to degrade him or what. I just feel his lines lack that “sting” in it..ya know that i’m sayin’?”.

That’s why during our battle, my goal was to deliver lines that can outmuscle his.

Who are you looking forward to battle? And Why?

Well, maybe Mangtomas.It was a great 3 way battle and a heated one. but triple threat matches are just not my game.. I find it hard to deliver lines and rebuttals to 2 persons with limited lines and time. I’d prefer 1 on 1 or HARDCORE rules.

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