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Tom Petty once again denies use of another of his celebrated tunes by the GOP.

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     Tom Petty had to tell Minnesota representative and presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann that she could continue running down a dream as long as she does it without using his music   

     It’s seems that Representative Bachman played one of Tom Petty’s first breakout hits “American Girl” on stage when she announced her official run for the presidency in her home town of Waterloo, Iowa. Rolling Stone confirms that Petty’s management sent an official cease and desist letter late afternoon on Monday July 27th.

     This is not the first time Tom Petty has had to save one of his much celebrated records from being used by the Republican Party. Back in 2000, George W. Bush was using Petty’s 1989 hit “I Won’t Back Down” during his campaign. Petty’s publisher, Wixen Music Publishing, had to request that the candidate stop using the song as it was “either intentionally or unintentionally” giving the impression that Petty was in support of Bush’s campaign. Which as it turns out was not true.

     This is not to say that Tom Petty won’t let anyone use his music. In 2008 he gave permission to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to use “American Girl.” He would probably just rather not allow his song to be used by someone who churns out verbal misfires every other day. Would you want one of your musical legacies tied to a woman who thought John Adams was one of our founding fathers during the Revolutionary War. Do you know how old he was in 1776? He was nine. Hardly founding father material.

     This is yet another reminder that Tom Petty is a class act. He has been recognized for his contribution to charities like Habitat for Humanity, and Midnight Mission. His music stands the test of time and runs the gamut from contemplative soul searching to raucous anthems. We need more musicians like him who stand up and protect their art from being tied to a party or a person that they want no part of.

    For more information on the charities mentioned in the article or about Tom Petty or even Representative Buchanan please click on the hyperlinks.

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