Why Write Music?

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Why Write Music? A question so rarely heard that there has to be a answer out there somewhere. Is there?

Music, the theatrical movie maker of sound and censorship is neither extradinary nor ordinary just prevalent nothing more or less. It’s inconceivable to lean on the way we must move about it. I say we because I am a musician. It is a funny thing to say as I have laughed at the accusation before when I had not even held a guitar. Yet, I still don’t except it because practice makes perfect “NO” but it makes good. I don’t., Let the champagne fall in its place the scrutiny of the walls move from place to place in a sick and demented world. I had never held such a descriptive word in all of my life.

Yet, I sit here and read what I wrote in the above paragraph. Some of it makes sense, but some of it is so misconstruing that there is no meaning to it.

I know what your thinking. You are thinking what are you talking about.

To answer the question you have to see music as a passion, a art, a personality, something that means something. You see so many people write music for other people. What other people will find entertaining. The usual, rinse and repeat, rinse repeat, add bridge, rinse and then repeat some more.

You see the sole reason to write music is to express. For writers, you writing fluctuates as your mood, and so should your music. When your sad you should make either angry or sad music, and so on.

You should write music because it you have something to offer than no one else in the world has. No one will ever think of the exact same riffs as you.

Of course you should learn how to make music, but I am speaking for everyone. I am speaking for the musician and the layman.

Music is a:


An Idea

An Emotion

A thought

All woven together to nestle inside each and every ear drum, embrace it.

A sound wave speaks more than you can in a day.

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