Tips for Composing Your Own Music

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Some tips to creating your own musical piece.

Are you having a difficult time trying to write your own musical piece or just wanting to begin to compose your own songs. Well I have a number of tips to aid you into helping you create your very own piece

First, I highly recommend using a musical composing program because it makes it so much easier to compose music and it will really help you along the way. The program I suggest you use is “Finale Notepad” which is very user friendly and it plays the music you composed, so you can actually hear what the piece sounds like and it will help you in improving it.

Now it is time for the actual tips for creating your own music and these tips are only what I do. The hardest part of creating a song is generally the melody and the beginning of the piece. One thing you can do if you can’t think of what to put on that blank sheet on the screen is to put a few random notes. This does not mean just clicking randomly everywhere but trying to put different things together to start off the song and then you will start to develop the song more and create a melody and a theme maybe.

Also, be in mind that when creating a song the one thing that shouldn’t be random is the tempo (speed of the song), the instruments you have (ex. Piano, tuba, etc.), and key signature along with time signature. Generally I just choose these things depending on what I feel, such as deciding to go with a slow and sad song. This means I put the tempo at a pretty slow pace and choose the instruments that I feel will best represent the mood and I choose time/key signature on what will fit the most.

Also a big part of the song (for me that is), is the title or name of the piece. The reason is the title generally expresses the feeling of the song or what its about, though it is very hard to explain. I don’t suggest creating a title when you just start off a song but instead to title it at the end or middle on what you best feel matches your own piece.

If you’re intending to add lyrics (which I don’t do), then you should think of the words beforehand and then create the melody or line and add the words in, but I am not an expert at this. Also you don’t need lyrics to express a song’s intention or mood because the notes speak for themselves. Another thing that sort of contradicts what I said last sentence is the person playing in the piece really determines how the song sounds like depending on how the musician interprets it.

One of my biggest tips is never get frustrated or push yourself into composing the music or if you get stuck. This is because generally the piece could sound really terrible if you don’t feel like composing but just want to get I over with, so maybe a little inspiration helps you. You can get inspiration from almost anything from events to nature and inspiration heavily influences the piece.

Those are some of my tips to creating your own composition, but I am a novice at composing and these tips I made are the things I use to compose with. So good luck composer and keep on writing music!

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