How to Write a Catchy Clever Song

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We call it lyrical lines.

Not everyone is into music groups like Panic! at the Disco or Fall Out Boy. But for those who are, heres how your can learn to write songs just like them. Generally you should already understand the concept and idea of writing a song and how it should be laid out and based.


Almost like poetry. Being creative with your ideas to give them a clear image of what your are singing out about. Comparisons and catchy line pretty much come out of this.

Something like:

“Fall in the grave I’ve been digging myself
But there’s room for two
Six feet under the stars”

Do not use similies because the constant use of like and as get very annoying

Colorful Vocabulary

Not cussin’ but main words not used n everyday language. It give that music the taste it needs to actually become more sharp and “to the point” rather than staying in a plain language that everyone heards everyday.

Something like:

“Expanding general happiness

Over selling titillation

Salacious humans inadequencies

Break the door of selfish men”

Some of which you don’t know. And do not go overboard with the words as I did but in that genral idea.

Clever Lines

Being clever makes the audience think alittle and that also becomes more appealing. By using the two also stated tips above, you can create a clever line such as:

“Climb the Family Tree and

break off all the branches”

I do really hope this helps you become a better song writer. Though I am not the best myself, I do take pride in the music I love. Good luck!

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