RCM Intermediate History – Susato’s Dances (Renaissance)

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Susato’s Dances


        Susato’s dances were composed by Tielman Susato in 1551. It is part of a collection of dance music including pavanes, galliards, rondes. allemandes and branles. This music contains two rondes which are repeated once and require a drum, recorders, a regal, a harpsichord, a lute and a viola da gamba. The first ronde has two sections: AABB, played in a lively manner while the second ronde (Mon amy) has three sections: AABBCC, played in a moderate tempo. At the end, ronde 1 repeats again and this is like the minuet and trio parts in Classical sonatas. This piece only uses soft instruments, with no vocal part, and this set the example for the Western instrumental music.

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