Discogkahvi 012 – Epoq – Green Wet Green

Posted in: Piano by Nxwtypx on October 16th, 2011 | 1 Comment

A bit too… random.

Welcome, dear readers, to the twelfth (after a little hiatus) of my reviews of Kahvi Collective releases. Kahvi Collective is a netlabel that specializes in Ambient and IDM music.

This track, “Green Wet Green”, created by Epoq, fails to find a sympathetic ear on me. Kahvi Collective itself calls the track “Abstract freeform melodies and huge piano. experimental with jazz attitude.” “Experimental with jazz attitude” is pretty high praise, as I’d call this track “random synth lines while a cat walks on a piano.” I get music with some pretention, but whoa, this is a bit too freeform for my ears.

You can fetch the track here.

Liked it
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