Jazz Bass vs. Precision Bass

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A brief explanation of the differences between these two best-selling basses and which one is best suited for you.

PRECISION BASS – The P-bass bass is the original rock bass, being used on thousands or rock records and probably the best selling bass of all time. It has a big thick neck and a big thick sound that comes from one split coil pickup situated in the middle of the bass. This is bass is best suited for a huge overdriven rock tone, though it has been used on anything from funk to reggae.

JAZZ BASS – The jazz bass features two single coil pickups which both working together create a humbucking effect. This bass has lots of mid-range to really cut through the mix. It has a thinner neck and unlike the p-bass has a contoured body. This bass is most suited for genres such as jazz or funk, but, like the p-bass has been used on numerous rock records and can sound just a thick as a precision bass when necessary.

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