What’s My Guitar Worth?

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J Ross provides resources to anyone looking to buy, sell, insure, or just find the value of guitars and electric guitars.

The guitar, particularly the electric guitar, has probably never been more popular than today.  It appears in best-selling video games, TV shows, and even as fashion accessory adorning clothing, purses, and bumper stickers. 

With this boost in popularity, more and more people are becoming involved with the instrument in varying degrees; some are looking to purchase a guitar for personal recreation, some are looking to sell instruments they rarely play, and some who already play are looking to upgrade to a higher-quality instrument so that they can pursue the art more seriously. 

Recently, my inbox is getting hammered with questions from folks wondering what their instruments are worth, what type they are, or what year they might’ve been made.  Since it has become obvious that many folks simply don’t know where to turn for information or what options are available to them, I’ve decided to publish this in hopes that readers will be more aware of ways to determine prices of instruments.  Whether the need is to obtain a value for insurance, sale/purchase of an instrument, or just natural curiosity, there are tools available to help.

When attempting to find the value or selling price of a particular instrument, there are several good solutions:

1.  Have the instrument professionally appraised.  Individuals who act as appraisers focus on finding accurate values for a living; they’re good at what they do, and often have to back up their quotes (for insurance, auctions, etc).  For high-value instruments, heirlooms, or instruments with “collector” status, this is the preferred option.

2.  The Blue Book (for electric and acoustic instruments) series updates often and has a wealth of information available, even on hard-to-find or little-known instruments.  More like a reference encyclopedia than a true blue book, the values listed here are numbers you can count on.  These books also provide a lot of peripheral information on makers, out-dated instruments, and such.  The Blue Books can be purchased from most major bookstores and online – it’s well worth the small purchase price when trying to ascertain value.  The Blue Books can be found here:


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