The Ulsterman Report: Michelle Obama’s Illegal Gibson Smuggle-blunder?

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The Obama Department of Justice raided the Gibson guitar plant for the second time in as many years for alleged illegal use of wood from "endangered" trees in the making of their guitars. So when will they be coming to arrest the First Lady?

Last week saw DOJ officials once again entering the Gibson guitar manufacturing plant in Tennessee there they proceeded to confiscate pallets of wood, guitars, and other assorted guitar-making materials.  The raid was apparently in response to Gibson’s alleged use of “endangered” trees for its guitars.  Use of such wood would be a violation of the Lacy Act, which states it is “illegal to import, export, transport, sell, receive, acquire, or purchase in interstate or foreign commerce any plant, with some limited exceptions, taken or traded in violation of the laws of the U.S., a U.S. State, or relevant foreign law

An example of such a tree would be Indian rosewood, which is apparently outlawed as an export or import for manufacturing purposes by the Obama administration.  Where the situation gets particularly interesting is that in 2009 First Lady Michelle Obama personally exported a Gibson guitar as a gift to the First Lady of France, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.  That guitar’s fretboard was made from…wait for it…a piece of Indian rosewood.

So if the Obama Department of Justice is storming the gates of the Gibson plant in Tennessee, how long before it turns its attention onto the illegal guitar-contraband carrying First Lady?

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