The Best Guitarists on Youtube 2012

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My personal top of the greatest guitariste on Youtube, in 2012.

  • Some peoples are romantic with guitars
  • Others love the sound of a guitar
  • Others are not able to spend a day without hearing the melodious sound of music

I is great !

If you’re someone who loves the guitar either only the music, this may enlighten you in the populated world of melody ! Enjoy !

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The artists that I present in what follows are easily visible on Youtube. The majority, if not all, of their parts there are broadcast on the popular network that is Youtube!    

Sungha Jung :

Sungha Jung was born in South Korea, on September 1996. He lives in Chung-Ju city. Sungha started to play guitar in the beginning of the year 2006. He loved to play guitar early on at a very young age, so he taught himself to play by watching video clips without any sheet music from the very beginning. 
Sungha Jung’s father helped Sungha a few times, but Sungha learned so fast that soon he had to learn to play all by himself. He has taken classical guitar lessons for about 50 hours in 2007. 
Recently he’s been learning to play drum for four months, and jazz piano for three months.
He is an amazing guitarist which augurs well for the future    

On Youtube, for watch all of his videos ! : 


Igor Presnyakov : 

Liked it
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