Scale Types and Examples

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A little about scales…

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Scale Types

In 21st Century there are two most common used scales: Major and Minor


Majo scale is made up of 7 tones (8 if you count top one – and octave higher) that correspond to the syllables “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti/Si, (Do)” 

A basic scale is C:



    C D E F G A B C

In Major scales there are 5 full steps and 2 half steps…
As you can see on the picture above full steps are between Do – Re, Re – Mi, Fa – So, So – La, La – Ti/Si and the half steps are between Mi – Fa, Ti – Do. This is a rule for all Major scales.

For example:
Let’s say you want a A Major scale…
Do – A
Re – B
Mi – C#
Fa – D
So – E
La –  F#
Ti/Si – G#

NOTE: E and B can’t be sharp (#) because they turn into F and C, the same way F and C can’t be flat (b) ’cause they turn into E and B…

Example (C# Scale):
Do – C#
Re – D#
Mi – F (E#)
Fa – F#
So – G#
La –  A#
Ti/Si – C (B#)

For now learn the C scale, and try to write down some more…
Minor Scales coming soon…

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