Buying Vintage Gibson Guitars for Sale

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Gibson guitars are a perfect blend of music history and innovation, and many of the professional artists who you see on stage are playing their Gibson.


If you know anything at all about the music industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Gibson guitars at least once or twice. Gibson is well known for consistently producing quality acoustic and electric guitars that perform with stability through the years. Gibson guitars are a perfect blend of music history and innovation, and many of the professional artists who you see on stage are playing their Gibson. Whether you’re a musician, investor or guitar lover, owning a vintage Gibson guitar will provide both a huge financial return and bragging rights. Find out where they have vintage Gibson guitars for sale and own a piece of history.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have thousands of dollars of play money to buy a vintage Gibson guitar. Some of them go for a few hundred and will grow in value over time. If you want to spend even less, simply purchase a pickup surround. The plastic that fits onto the guitar to pick up the vibration of the strings is actually quite lucrative. If you own one, you could eventually turn around and sell it for over $6,000.

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Vintage Gibson guitars that are in good condition appreciate in value over time. The luckiest owners will have a guitar that grows in value by 500% in just six months. A guitar that’s in mint condition and that has all of the original parts, electronics and paint has the best chance of gaining value over time. If the guitar is linked to either a famous person or event, the value will skyrocket even more. Most instruments that were built in the 1950s and 1960s grow in market value at an average of 15% per year. If you’re looking for the best vintage Gibson guitars for sale, find those that are in perfect condition and were played by a famous musician. Overall, dealing in vintage guitars is an incredibly solid, dependable market.

The most sought-after vintage Gibson guitars were made between the 1930s and the 1970s. Since there are no two Gibson guitar models that are alike, just about every one is a wonderful collector’s item. Popular vintage guitars include:

- 1961 Gibson SG

- Gibson Flying V, popularized by Jimi Hendrix and the Kinks

- 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard in sunburst finish, popularized by Jimmy Page and Keith Richards

- 1958 Gibson Explorer

- 1970 Gibson L-6S, popularized by Johnny Borrell of Razorlight

1961 Gibson SG 

If you’re looking to buy vintage Gibson guitars for sale, you have a few options of where to look. Specialty dealers who work with either vintage instruments, guitars or Gibson instruments specifically may have some Gibson guitars that spark your interest. A private Gibson collector may be harder to find, but they should have an impressive collection. Some vintage Gibson guitars are auctioned off. Keep your eye out for a rock’n roll auction in your area. Auction houses, including Sotheby’s and Christies, often have vintage guitars come through, too. If you wander into an instrument shop and happen to see a vintage Gibson guitar, don’t expect to turn the price tag over to see a dollar sign. Shop owners will want to talk to you about purchasing the guitar, and most tags will simply say, “Ask”.


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