Best Way to Learn Guitar and Make Lyrics, in Short Time!!!!

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You will learn how to play guitar and make lyrics very fast.

I am going to teach you how to play guitar, make you best in your area.

First step:
you need to learn the the chord name what you are playing.The chords can be found on the site given

choose the following option to get the diagram on the website.

Chord C Major    Chord D Major chord E Major chord F Major chord G Major chord A major chord B major

These are the chords with their name.

Second step:

After you learn the chords you should learn what chords sounds good in a sequence, this sequence is

called the family of chords.
The family of each chord is different.The families of the chords are given below, you have to play

them one after another in an order.You can even make your own order, This will help composing songs.

Family of chord C major

Chord C, chord F, chord G.

Family of Chord D major

Chord D, chord G, chord A.

Family of chord E major

chord E, chord A, chord B.

Family of G major

Chord G, Chord C, chord D.

Family of A Major

chord A, chord D, chord E.

these are the basic chords you have learnt now you are going to learn some sharp chords. Like F sharp,

D sharp etc.

Third step:
These are just like the chords you just learnt ,only your finger positions will change.These chords

are very important.To play these chords you will need to go to the same site.The sharp has a symbol which looks like this #.Their is no E# or B#.c#Maj D#Maj F#Maj G#Maj A#Maj

Their are some more families of chords you need to learn.They are written down.

family of chord F Maj

Chord F, chord A#, chord C.

family of chord B Maj

Chord B, chord F#, Chord G#.

Now when you learnt these chords you can make your own music and play it.


Just write down a heading of your song.Then write down what ever you fell about it, then you take out some words from the para you wrote(note: the words which are not needed).
Then you sing the lyrics according to the music you made.

This will help you a lot in your guitar skills.

If you need any help you can e-mail me at

If you want any more information go on this site -

Thanks and please comment!!!

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  • Yogi123 January 16th, 2010 at 12:15 pm

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    On your own, you can learn how to play guitar and have
    advanced lessons if you\’re already a pro. Keep on rockin!

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