Recorders vs. Tin Whistles (Penny Whistles) – Part One

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Recorders vs Tin Whistles. Which one should you go after? What are the pros and cons behind choosing either instrument?

For those ofou wanting to learn a new musical instrument two good places to start are with the descant recorder and the tin whistle which is also called the penny whistle. Everyone has their preferences. Different people look for different things in musical instruments. Let us look at the advantages of recorders as opposed to tin whistles.

The recorder has a greater range. It has a low C note that the tin whistle, often tuned in D, does not have. A tin whistle tuned in D would not be able to play a song that has a low C. One would have to buy a tin whistle tuned in C to play such a song.

Size is also a factor. The descant recorder is twice as big as the tin whistle. This means that if you equate small instruments with toys, the tin whistle in the hands of a very big man might seem more of a toy than even a recorder. But there is another side to that, as we shall see in a subsequent article.

Depending on the brand of recorder, recorders tend to be cheaper than tin whistles. Of course this may vary from country to country aw well. There are much more widely sold than tin whistles. In many countries tin whistles have never been heard or seen before. The quality control for recorders is usually more reliable than tin whistles as well.

All in all both instruments have their advantages and disadvantages. The saving graces of tin whistles will be discussed in part 2. Whichever one you choose in the end you can reach a high standard of playing if you practice hard enough and listen to recordings (no pun intended) of those who have mastered the instrument of your choice.

See Part 2 here:

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