RCM Intermediate History – Royal Estampie No.4 (Medieval)

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Royal Estampie No.4


        The royal estampie no.4 is a stately dance for couples with intricate body movement and is from the French composition of the Songbook of the King. This dance is in triple meter and is asymmetrical because the two endings are of different length. This piece of music has a monophonic melody and there are seven different parts that are played by two shawms, three pipes, two vielles, a rebec, a tambourine and a drum. The two percussion instruments improvise throughout and are the accompaniment. Long notes, which are drones, are present in the accompaniment and decoration notes are added. Each section uses the same melody and they all have open and closed endings. Sections one to four are monophonic while five to seven are played in parallel fifths.

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