Best Rock Drummers

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Listed below are my favourite rock drummers.


Cozy Powell – his drumming was awesome, working with acts including Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Rainbow, and Whitesnake. Sadly he died in a car crash in 1998.


Brian Downey, a founding member of Thin Lizzy. Formed possibly the greatest rhythm section ever with the late Phil Lynott.


John Bonham – the man who gave Led Zeppelin their kick, they called it a day after his premature death in 1980.

Ian Paice – his only bands have been Deep Purple and Whitesnake, but that is still an outstanding career.

Bill Ward – the original drummer of Black Sabbath and a man who could party at the same pace as Ozzy Osbourne.

Keith Moon – The Who have never been the same since his early death.

Ian Haugland – a member of Europe for almost 30 years but I did not really rate him until I brought Brian Robertson’s Diamonds and Dirt album, reminds me of Brian Downey in his prime.

Tico Torres – the backbone of every decent tune that Bon Jovi have ever done


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