Musical Instruments of Korea

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This article talks about some the most popular musical instruments of Korea. Read on to find out more.

The music of Korea has an exuberant display of vibrato and glissando which has a relation to the tonal framework. These are essential to the tones. That is why Western musical instruments cannot produce sounds which have Korean characteristics.

            There are a number of musical instruments of Korea that are used in ceremonies in the palaces and for welcoming dignitaries, known as chong-ak or court music.

            Here are some of the musical instruments of Korea:

1.    Ching

-a large gong played with a soft, padded wooden stick or is struck in pairs.

2.    Changgo

-an hourglass drum. Sound is produced by striking the right end with a stick and the left hand taps the left end.

3.    Kkwaenggwari

-a small gong. Sound is produced by striking a wooden mallet.

4.    Chottdae

-a bamboo flute with six finger-holes. It produces a sound similar to that of the flute and recorder.

5.    Haegum

-a bamboo string instrument played with the use of a bow.

6.    Komun’go

-a stringed instrument. It is often plucked to produce music.

7.    Kayagum

-similar to the ch’in of China and koto of Japan. It has 12 strings stretched along a wooden board with a movable bridge.

Indeed the Koreans have their own taste and style when it comes to musical instruments. These 7 are just some of the amazing musical instruments of Korea.

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