Electronic Geek and Proud of It!

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Bob Moog gets google doodle today in honour of his 78th birthday.

 Bob Moog, electronic geek and proud of it, gets google doodle in honour of his 78 birthday. This is a doodle that you can actually play. I do not know much about synthesizers or how they are supposed to work, but I did try this one for fun. And it was!

Bob Moog was born Robert Arthur Moog May 23, 1934 and passed away August 21, 2005. He was the founder of Moog Music. Moog was a native of New York City, and attended the Bronx High School of Science in New York, graduating in 1952. He earned a bachelor degree in physics from Queens College, New York in 1957 and another in electrical engineering from Columbia University. Bob Moog also earned a Ph.D in engineering physics from Cornell University.

Among some of his other achievements, he received a Grammy Trustees Award for lifetime achievement n 1970. Moog was honoured in 2002 with a Special Merit/Technical Grammy Award along with an honorary doctorate degree from Berklee College of Music.

With all of his education and the degrees it is not hard to understand how Bob Moog was able to pioneer the Moog synthesizer and revolutionize the music world in the midst of the psychedelic ‘ 60s. What Les Paul and Leo Fender did for the electric guitar, Moog did for the synthesizer. Synthesizers today are chip size and ubiquitous but Bob Moog’s touch is everywhere today even in the electronic ditty on a cell phone.

Moog did not actually invent the synthesizer, RCA did that in 1955. The synthesizer RCA designed was room sized and sounds were controlled by punching holes in tape. Moog improved on the design and added a state-of-the-art keyboard a few years later. Bob Moog truly was an electronic geek and he had many reasons to be proud of this distinction.





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