Truck Bed Measurements

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The measurements of a pickup truck bed vary depending on the brand and model. There are king cabs, full-size trucks, mini-trucks, city hybrids, and more. Each has its own version of a truck bed.

Bed Length

Obviously, the long side of the truck bed is the bed length. However, remember, trucks vary in size and length. The correct measurement is the distance from the edge of the front of the truck bed to the tailgate.

The typical truck owner will have a short bed which goes as far as 6 feet (full-size trucks add a half foot to 6.5 feet in length). The length design is on purpose; it is the maximum length for cargo utility and still being able to turn easily as one does with a regular car.

Long beds, frequently known as king cabs and ranch trucks, tend to be much longer. They are directly intended for farm or commercial use and tend to have bigger engines. These trucks will have a bed length of as much as 8 feet.

Truck Bed Width

The width again is pretty clear; it is the counter direction to the truck bed length and is measured at a 90 degree direction to the bed length from one side to the other.

Wheel Wells

Now the measurements get a bit trickier with bed depth. One would think it is as simple as measuring from the top of the bed edge to the floor of the bed. And that would be the case if the bed were a simple, square box. However, while a few trucks have their wheel wells extended outside the chassis, most have the rear wheel wells protrude into the inside of the truck bed. So, your bed depth is eaten up a bit by these wheel bumps.

Adjusted Truck Bed Depth

The best way to measure wheel wells, since they are round and you don’t want to measure every circular angle, is to square off the wheel well inside the bed. Measure the height of the well and the length and the width. Calculate the wheel well bump square area and depth and subtract those cubic feet or inches from your total basic bed area and depth. The net figure is your true truck bed depth.

Measurements for Installing a Truck Bed

If you are not fully familiar with how to install truck beds, then leave it to a professional mechanic. Otherwise, you may get stuck purchasing a truck bed that doesn’t fit your truck and you will be out the cash spent on the purchase.

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