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There are many engine friction reducers out on the market and they all claim to work. So we put some of them to the test to what results we would get.

We all want to get better gas mileage and if possible a longer lasting motor in our vehicles. There are many engine friction reducer additives out on the market, but do they work? We used my 1985 corvette with a 350  engine for our test mule, to see what gains we could achieve using a friction reducer. To start off with the corvette was given an oil and filter change using 5w30 synthetic motor oil. This test was going to be on the expensive side as we were going to have to change the oil 4 times. Every time we tested a different additive, we would test it in fresh oil.

The friction reducer additives we choose to test were slick 50, Reve, Dura lube and MPZ. We will not go through each test separate detail by detail, but basically just give you the end results. We did all the tests on the same day so even the weather was identical. My corvette has always run 5w30 synthetic oil and always has a engine temp about 190 degrees with an idle of 700 rpm.

The only things we really checked to see the difference in each additive was the engine temperature reading, the engine idle and just the general feel of the vehicle driving. We first checked the coolant temperatures and found only the Dura lube seemed to lower the temperature by 5 degrees to 185, all the others did not change anything. We then checked the idle rpm using each of the additives and again found that only the Dura lube seem to make a difference as the idle rpm went up almost 200 rpm. The Dura lube even made the vehicle feel smoother while driving. We do not no if there was a horsepower increase, but the temperature decreased and the rpm,s went up at idle which shows a very small but clear proof of reduced friction.

The winner is the Dura lube. I hope this test has helped a few out there who wish to know.  

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