An Other Khmer (Cambodia) Music Instrument

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Chapey Dong Veng is a kind of Khmer music instrument which was very popular and like by the most people of Cambodian.

Cambodia is an old country which consist of long history and very nice culture which left by the ancestors. But some of the new generation seem like the foreigner culture rather than Cambodia culture. So being a Cambodia people, we should try to take care about it for our next generation.

The above image is about an old man playing Chapey Dong Veng and singing followed by the music made from Chapey Dong Veng. Normally it is played a lone without accompany by any other music instruments. The one who playing such music instrument must have enough experience, talent, and creativity to sing a song following with the music.

Normally we play Chapey Dong Veng to sing a song that describe about Cambodia history, Song for New Year day, about the god, about the government, about Cambodia Novel/Story, etc. And normally those song was not built before he start to sing but it build while he sing.

Sometime with Chapey Dong Veng, there is two men playing 2 different Chapey Dong Veng and the song they sing is such a conversation which consist of question and answer. And this case also they need to recently reflect to the question his partner asked or the question will be reflect to the answer his partner answered (when he need to ask more question).

Next time I will bring more music instrument to share here.

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