Pakistani Indian Songs

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Pakistani and Indian audio mp3 and video songs are very popular and every person from both countries must have these songs in his mobile phones too.

Pakistan and India are very close and somewhat same culture countries. Both countries are bad enemies to each other. Before the partition of Pakistan and India people were lived in a same land with peace and love. But after partition there becomes a vast layer of hate. But the people of both countries still want to meat each other, that’s why so many families and people get visa hardly to meat their relatives in opposite side.

The most common thing among these two countries is the music. Singers and musicians are free to move both sides. Pakistani singers and musicians are performing many live concerts in India and Indian people love their musical art very much. In Pakistan people are big fans of Indian music and movies, especially Pakistani girls are mad about Indian film actors and boys are feeling hot about sexy Indian actresses, many performers from India also visiting big countries of Pakistan to perform their live art in the form of music and singing. Sometimes singers from both countries release their common musical albums, which become popular in both countries.

Mostly singer are performing in opposite countries are sings about peace, love and avoid hate and war. I am also the big fan of Indo-Pak singers. Pakistani singers are singing in Urdu and Punjabi language and Indian singers are using Hindi and also Punjabi to sing, both languages are so much similar to each other. Hindi and Urdu become are somewhat same in speaking but very different in writing. Music and songs are worth to listen not to written.

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