List of Websites to Download and Watch Hindi Movies for Free

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This blog has list of websites from where you can download and watch hindi movies for free. Also in some of the websites you can have Telugu, Tamil, Kannad and Malayalam movies to watch and download. I have tried to put some website which has free mp3 songs to download and enjoy.

Here’s a list of websites to browse for your favorite free Hindi movies to download:

Free Movies. is absolutely legal and contains only links to other sites - This website has movie clips so you can preview the movie before, you decide to download and watch the full length version of the film. The older and more recent Hindi movies on this website are broken down into parts, making it easy for you to pause and restart the movie right where you left off. - Check out the extensive list of Hindi movies and music videos here.



Following things should be kept in mind before downloading movie. Here are some final things you need to keep in mind before downloading your favorite Hindi films to your computer:


  • Clean up your Web cache – Temporary Internet files and pictures take up a lot of disk space and memory. Cleaning out this disk space helps the movie to play without interruption while viewing.
  • System requirements – Before you begin downloading your chosen movie, be sure that system requirements and operating systems for the film download and your computer’s system requirements and operating systems are compatible. If they aren’t, you won’t be able to download the film.
  • Keep an eye on “free” trial – Many websites advertise free movie downloads when they are really offering limited time free trials to their websites. Read the fine print before you submit any kind of personal information such as credit card numbers, addresses and phone numbers.
  • File size – Be sure to check the file size of the film against how much available memory you have on your computer. If you don’t have enough available memory, the entire film may not download.


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