"Hollywood Undead" Unmasked

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"Hollywood Undead"is an American rap / heavy metal band formed 1980. The band is best known for competing with Slipknot, and to wear a mask each. In this article I will unmask them.


“Hollywood Undead” is an American rap/ heavy metal band formed 1980 in New Milford, where all members were born and grew up. The band is best known for competing with Slipknot, and for wearing a mask each. The band has been compared a lot to Slipknot, even though Slipknot actually only play heavy metal, and not a mix of hip hop and metal like H.U.. It is often such that if you know H.U., you also know Slipknot. The band has also appeared with punk music (in English: Horror Punk). The band’s most famous song is “Undead”. Hollywood Undead has got 6 singers. Their (pen)names are: J-dog, Charlie Scene, Johnny three tears (also known as J3T), Funnyman and Deuce. Funnyman is from Mexico and loves the film character King Kong, who he has got a tattoo of on his arm. All in all. A pretty crazy band.

Let the unmasking begin!

As with Slipknot. People have for a long time wanted to see the band-members of Hollywood Undead’s faces. Now is the time. Enjoy.

This is all of the band members. I don’t remember all of their names or who’s who but I know that the guy to the right with the purple shirt is Deuce. Funnyman is the one lying on the table.

Great songs by Hollywood Undead

These are some really good songs by Hollywood Undead. Enjoy.

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