Five French Love Songs That Will Make You Fall in Love Over and Over Again

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Five French love songs that would be a good addition to your love collection.

1. Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup (Darling I love you very much)

For starters with zero background in French, this is the song for you. Originally written by Anna Sosenko (both words and music are by her), this song tells of a guy who can’t express his feelings for a French girl. It has been popularized for the film Love and Hisses. Nat King Cole’s 1955 version was the most popular version of this song.

Here is the version of it in the film by Hildegarde.


2. Les Feuilles Mortes (Dead Leaves)

It might be more familiar to you if the song Autumn Leaves would be said to you. Les Feuilles Mortes is a poem written in 1945 by one of the most prominent poets of France Jacques Prevert. The Music was by Joseph Kosma. It basically tells how autumn brings back memories to two lovers who have been separated. Although sad once you understand the meaning and how the words were written then you will appreciate how this became one of the most beloved French songs of all time.

Here is it sung by Yves Montand:


3. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t leave me)

A very sad song by Jacques Brel written in 1959, it tells how one man would be willing to do all just not to be left by the girl he loves. Despite of all he pleads that the girl don’t leave him. It has been translated in many languages and the English version is known as If you go away. Jacques Brel says it isn’t a love song but even though it would make a good one

Here’s Jacques Brel’s video:

4. La vie en rose (the Rosy Life)

The signature of the little sparrow Edith Piaf. Written by herself and a the music was by Louis Gugliemi. It tells how a girl is so in love with a guy that he makes everything in life beautiful. Initially thought to be unseccsedfuk, it still became a favorite not only by the French but also from all over the world. Various artists covered this song already in different languages.

Here’s a version by Edith Piaf:

5. Je l’aime a mourir (I love you to death)

Although the title might be a little off, once you understand and listen to the song, you’ll surely fall in love with it. Written in 1979, it is a very beautifully written song that tells of how love has changed a man that he is fulfilled and could die already. The lyrics are really well written with all the good metaphors about love.

Here’s Francis Cabrel singing it:

So there you have it five French Love Songs that is very different from your usual but still very romantic.

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