Discogkahvi 037 – Epoq – Lepidoptera

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"…a relaxing one, one to watch clouds go by to…"

Greetings, dear readers. The 37th Discogkahvi article is going to cover a single track by Epoq, also responsible for releases 012 and 024 (looks like he’s a release late this time to keep that twelve-beat) called Lepidoptera. I personally enjoyed this track far more than his first effort on Kahvi 012. Kahvi’s site itself describes this tune like so: “A new track from our man from oz. a meandering flow, a minimalistic beat, and a refreshing breeze sit back, relax and dream….”. You can download here.
An insistent wind-instrument sounds itself through until percussion asserts a cool breakbeat past the quarter-minute mark. A highish warble at thirty one seconds.  These elements play till a unique breakdown at ten past one. The drums eventually return. This tune is indeed a relaxing one, one to watch clouds go by to. A soulful solo, not unlike the soundtrack to Blade Runner at 2:30. Electronic crickets occupy the space between my headphones, panning to and fro. The aforementioned wind instrument has been varying tempo interestingly the whole time, but I’ve just bothered to tell you this now. More Blade Runner, before a nice, echoed fade.

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Discogkahvi 037 – Epoq – Lepidoptera

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