Dogz on Parole Review

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Music review for Punk band Dogz On Parole.

Band: Dogz On Parole

CD: Confinement

Label: Monkeydog Music

Released: 2012

tracks: Wish I Only Knew, R.A.P.E., Fallen, L.A., Harder, Tell Me, All I Want, Control, King For A Day, Lonely, Dogz On Parole.

This Texas Punk band is punk in the traditional sense. they go all the way: loud, fast, and hard-driving with the provocative abrasive rebelious nature that has driven punk from it’s earliest years.At the same time, Dogz also throws in a fresh world and social view as well as a fresh self-view with a swagger that makes them a band all their own. they show that traditional punk/ punk-metal can be just as new today as

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