25 Facts About System of a Down

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Basic knowledge for every real System of a Down fan.

  1. S.O.A.D. consists of Serj Tankian (Vocals), Daron Malakian (Guitar/ Vocals), Shavo Odadijan (Bassist), John Dolmayan (Drums).
  2. Everybody in SO.A.D. is of armenian descent.
  3. Serj Tankian grew up in Aremenia but was born in Lebanon.
  4. John Dolmayan wasn’t the first drummer for S.O.A.D., on their demo tape their drummer Ontronik “Andy” Khachaturian was their drummer.
  5. Daron and Serj were first a part of a band called Soil.
  6. The name System of a Down comes from a poem Daron wrote named “Victims of a Down”.
  7. Before S.O.A.D. or Soil, Serj played keyboards for The Lords of Acid.
  8. Shavo first served as the bands manager and promoter.
  9. The unnamed 1995 demo tape included early versions of Mr. Jack called PIG, a song called Flake, and the early version of a Berlin cover called The Metro.
  10. Andy left the band after a hand injury, he was later replaced with John Dolmayan.
  11. The band was going to be called Victims of a Down until Shavo said that “system” would reach out to more people that “victims”, and he wanted their albums to be by the Slayer albums.
  12. In 1997 S.O.A.D. won Best Signed Band from the Rock City Awards.
  13. Rick Rubin singed S.O.A.D. to American/Columbian records.
  14. System of A Down first toured with Fear Factory and Incubus.
  15. Sugar was their first radio single, followed by Spiders.
  16. In 2001 their second album “Toxcicity” hit #1 in America and Canada.
  17. The song Chop Suey was removed from radio around the time of the 9/11 terrorist attacks because of the controversal line “I don’t think you trust in my self righteous suicide”.
  18. The album art for Steal This Album was a reference to Abbie Hoffman’s Steal This Book.
  19. The video for “Boom!” was directed by Michael Moore.
  20. The first part part of the double album Mezmerize/ Hypnotize was their second numer one album.
  21. They were one of the few artists to release two number one albums in the same year.
  22. Shavo directed the video for “Question!”.
  23. Daron is a part of another band called Scars On Broadway.
  24. Shavo is working with RZA from the Wu Tang Clan on a project called Achosen, as well as starting UrSession record company.
  25. Dolmayan opened an oline comic book store in 2007.
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