Top Ten Jack Johnson Songs

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Jack Johnson’s music could easily be referred to as a universal peacemaker.

Since Jack Johnson released his first album, Brushfire Fairytales, in 2001, he has been creating original music that speaks volumes to people everywhere. He followed his debut with On and On in 2003, In Between Dreams in 2005, and Sleep Through the Static in 2008. Compiled from all four of Jack Johnson’s albums, here is my list of top ten Jack Johnson songs.

  1. High Tide or Low Tide – Jack Johnson teamed up with Ben Harper to create this song that tells of the time-tested endurance of friendship. If you enjoy the musical sounds of the Caribbean, you’re in for a treat.
  2. Times Like These – A simple, bluesy song about some difficult sociologic issues. Off of the On and On album, it holds some of Jack Johnson’s most simply put melodies and lyrics.
  3. Taylor – Another song from the On and On album, Jack talks about people not being true to themselves, and where it doesn’t get them.
  4. Fortunate Fool – According to this Jack Johnson song from Brushfire Fairytales, ignorance really is bliss!
  5. Upside Down – Jack Johnson does for the Curious George soundtrack what Phil Collins did for the Tarzan soundtrack. Kid friendly and upbeat, this Jack Johnson song is a worry free way to get a sing-a-long going with your kids!
  6. Do You Remember – From the Jack Johnson album In Between Dreams, it’s no surprise that every couple aspires to be in a relationship like this song describes. Jack Johnson wrote this song for his wife, Kim.
  7. If I Had Eyes – Jack Johnson’s lyrics in this song speak of not wanting to stay stagnant, that there is always a time to move on. Seeing things in a new view always teaches us something. You’ll find this Jack Johnson song on the Sleep Through the Static album.
  8. No Other Way – Ah, the Jack Johnson song from the In Between Dreams album that stresses the importance and benefits of honest communication in any relationship. One of the most well written love songs I’ve heard in a long time.
  9. Flake – Baggage, baggage, baggage, and what it does to a relationship. That’s what Jack Johnson seems to be suffering from in this song from the Brushfire Fairytales album. The surprise is the jazzed up ending in where Jack is begging to be spared.
  10. Constellations – This Jack Johnson song will relax your mind and put your soul at ease. Floating melodies and colorful lyrics paint the picture perfect end to the In Between Dreams album, reminding us that even the simplest things in life can sometimes make all the difference.

Jack Johnson songs are an instant way to uplift your mood. You’ll find yourself tapping your foot along to his beat, and humming along to his delightful melodies. Jack Johnson songs never disappoint and always leave you wanting more.

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