Now We’re Down to Chris Brown’s Tats!

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This is probably a "why bother" story and it’s true. Who should care about Chris Brown’s tat……or is this a sign of something deeper?

Chris Brown (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To talk about abuse and the women who come under these attacks, such as Rihanna is one thing.  But to hammer on and re-direct ourselves to someone’s Tattoo is another.  Are we adults here, or maybe this is only appealing to the truly young and immature folks.

Okay, I got a look at Chris’s Tat and true it does look like the face of a woman, and a woman with all kinds of things on her face that could be construed as battle lines but his Artist denies that completely.  What it should look like has to have the peeling of the skin (e-ew) fall away before the true design shows.  That’s understandable, that the Tattoo is in a state of healing. I get it! But the sleazy Tabloids and Tabloid News Channels are buzzing about it.

Chris Brown (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)

Now the real design is supposed to be a Tattoo associated with  a Mexican Celebration called Sugar Skull which observes the “Day of the Dead”.  Obviously this is deep rooted tradition in that Culture.  I have never heard of this as I haven’t thousands of other Group’s Cultural observances.   But then I see the drawing of what the REAL Tattoo image is supposed to look like and it looks this way:   It is an image of a pretty lady with golden-like or light brown eyes on one side.  This side of the face is perfectly pretty and intact with vibrant red lipstick and the other side is clearly that of a dead woman with the same colored eye, but darkened around the eye, as if bruised, and shriveled lips as if it is her Corpse withering away.  Okay this design is also supposed to associated with a MAC cosmetic Ad he saw as well.  I  don’t see the correlation but maybe this is because I have heard of but not bought into MAC cosmetics.

Okay, this is my summation: Poor choices all the way around in Tattoos, but we are not wandering inside this young man’s head to know what he is thinking.  And  also, there are too many folks looking for something to do so this is probably not even their business.  No, I don’t like the look of it in my personal opinion and this is where I will get off.  And others should too.  What I am strangely happy for however, is that Chris has moved on hopefully and prayerfully I hope that Rihanna re-directs her affection from this young man and find someone worthy of her.  I forgive people, we all should, but by now, a lot of Mockery is made of an incident that is far deeper than meets the eye, Tattoos or not!  Just sayin.  Peace but I can’t smile :(

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