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A run-down of three music services.

Music has always been a huge media of expression and the quickest industry to go digital. Nowadays you have numerous tools and services you can pick to help you dive into that sea of digital music streaming.


Pandora is a free streaming service that is designed to let you create your own custom music stations. Simply start by typing in the name of one of your favorite musicians or artists or the name of your favorite song. Pandora will then use that to create a custom station with other music from that same artist or similar artists. You can further edit your stations to add more artists or take away ones that though similar, may not peak your interest. Pandora can be used everywhere in your life, and with its sharing applications it is a great way to get introduced to new music and new artists.


Spotify is another free music service. Basically you can search and listen to millions of tracks on your computer or mobile device. With Spotify you can create your own playlists and then access these playlists from wherever you are. The service also has a huge social angle and encourages individuals to share playlists across social media. Spotify also comes with an apps marketplace and even a radio station designed to help you find new artists. Spotify also offers premium options that grant you unlimited streaming, lack of advertisements, and Spotify on your mobile device.

Google Music

The internet giant has also entered the online music space with Google Music. Sort of like iTunes it works with the Android marketplace and provides users with not only hundreds of free songs but also millions more that they can buy and put on their mobile device. You can also organize and share all the music that you buy. Google also has their Magnifier blog which accompanies the music service and includes music related videos as well as songs of the day.

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