Jim Morrison of The Doors is Alive and Well in Morocco

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Recent positive-identity postings have been emerging on several Doors YouTube videos indicating Jim Morrison of The Doors is alive and well in the African country of Morocco.

“Just when you think you know everything? Then you don’t. I’m still higher than y’all. High as a kite, brother. So I’m dead as a DOOR knob? Don’t think so. My meat is real. Check the facts, Jack. Do the funky chicken all over my empty grave. Pardon me & I speak. Pardon me & I’m free. Ray & Robbie? Clueless. Only John gets it. Only John wasn’t a sell-out. Didn’t want a gaol in a white free Protestant maelstrom. Rockin’ Moroccan nights. Out here we is still stoned immaculate. Don’t believe everything you hear/read/see. Run w/me & we’ll invent secret sacred alphabets & we’ll start a new religion. Use your own mind & connect w/the Universal Mind & you’ll be doing fine. You’ll be hearing more from me. I’m out. TLK”

And now the original poem, possibly the first new original poem from Jim Morrison in over 40 years:

Only when the insane Children of Night / break free the shackles of slavery daylight / Rainbow prisms are prisons instead for the walking dead. Wake up your child so meek & mild, get wilder in your pleasure/pain, get naked in your desert rain & drink – the tears of a sky who cries for you – the blood of a savior who dies for you, & think – what is that sound you hear? The pounding of your heart of fear. I know your deepest secret. I am w/you, but you are without me as even now you doubt me. Out. TLK

Believe Jim Morrison is alive? Believe he’s dead? Can anyone really prove it one way or the other at this point? A death certificate report with no autopsy claiming a 27 year old man died of “natural causes”? Some Doors fans have long suspected that Jim faked his own death to escape a certain federal prison sentence from an angry mob that was determined to witch-hunt him and see him behind bars. Often cited is the last phrase at the end of the Doors song “Wild Child” where Jim asks, “Remember when we were in Africa?”

In the 1960’s, Morocco was one of the hippest spots for rock stars to visit during the height of the psychedelic music movement’s trend to incorporate international flavors into their music. Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones was a frequent visitor to Morocco, as were members of The Beatles and other groups who brought influence and Moroccan instruments back home to use on the psychedelic albums of 1967 – 1969.

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  • mark January 9th, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    Jim’s actually in a small town outside Buffalo NY called Hamburg.

    His setiments are who would ever look for me in Hamburg?.

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