Hero Jae Joong

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About hero Jae Joong, Korean actor and singer.

Kim Jae Joong aka hero Jae Joong is a famous Korean singer and actor. He has been in the TV series vacation and Banjun drama. According to a hero fan named Michelle she said that he is the hottest guy in the world…

As a singer he is the main vocalist in DBSG. DBSG is a pop,r&b and rock band. His favourite hobbies are,playing computer games, playing the piano, listening to music and for all those hero fans who want a man that can cook as their husband, hero also cooks for a hobby.

People have been going crazy for hero and have known that forums about hero is filled with comments about how crazy they are for hero. In the future I believe people will fight each other for him and there will be total chaos at concerts.

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