Eminem Dead?

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Supposedly Eminem is dead. Is this true or not? This article covers it all.

Recently a rumour that Eminem died has been spreading across the internet. An article was posted on a website that Eminem died in a car crash and soon after, we saw the spike of R.I.P Eminem videos on Youtube. Many people were convinced that Eminem is dead. What most people didn’t notice is that soon after the article was posted, it was removed. People with the url could not access it. This should have been a dead giveaway that the article was false. Eminem, being an amazingly popular rapper, was supposedly the subject of what was either a publicity stunt, or the result of an unreliable news source.

Many people still aren’t convinced that Eminem is alive. If he isn’t alive, how did he perform at a concert in Melbourne recently. Many of my friends got backstage tickets and got to meet Eminem. I’m pretty sure holograms don’t sign autographs. If Eminem really died in a car crash, he would not be able to perform at concerts, and the article would still be online. If Eminem had died, I’d bet we’d find out without scouring the internet. It would be all over the news. When Michael Jackson died, we didn’t have to scour the internet to find out if it was true. Even my parents new about Michael Jackson’s death before me.

Another rumour is that Eminem died during the making of Not Afraid and that that will be his last song. This time, its not a car crash. Its suggested that during the making of his hit song Not Afraid, he fell of the top of a building. This is absolutely ridiculous. Eminem is still perfectly alive and doesn’t need to be victim to the many rumours surrounding him.

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