Grizzly Bear – Shields Review

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Grizzly Bear released their new album "Shields" today. Ever since their performance on The Colbert Report I love their music and a new album came right on time.

General opinion

In general, it is a nice album with some lovely beats. I’d give the whole album a 8/10, because of it’s mix of dark music and nice rhythms. The only negative point is that it only has 10 songs. 

Review of the songs

1. Sleeping Ute
This song was released earlier this year, and is added to the album on number 1. I loved this song and I think it’s a great opening of the album. It’s an up-tempo lots-of-instruments song, and its refrain looks a bit like the end of Yet Again. It’s not a relaxing song, however it’s brilliantly played and sang. 9/10

2. Speak in Rounds
Speak in Rounds is quite different than Sleeping Ute, with a more calm beat. I like the sound of the song, it’s not too busy and you can recognize the loops from Yet Again. That really shows their style and I like it a lot. The end like most Grizzly Bear’ songs is big but controlled. 9/10

3. Adelma
I can’t say much about this song, since it’s only 1 minute and 2 seconds long. It’s a “between-tro” I guess, since it’s on place 3 on the album. It fits the end of Speak in Rounds. -/10

4. Yet Again
The hit which got me sold is Yet Again. It’s on place 4 on the album, after Adelma. I think it’s quite brilliant to put a “between-tro” between track 2 and 4, although Yet Again is not as up-tempo as Sleeping Ute.  Yet Again is a lovely track with brilliant use of instruments and voices of the guys. 10/10

5. The Hunt
I love tracks with titles like this. The Hunt could be a book or movie title! On Shields, it’s a slow track with not too many instruments and sounds. If you don’t like up-tempo, this is the track for you. I personally don’t like the introduction of the song, from minute 2 it gets better. 7/10

6. A Simple Answer
Hey? A new voice? Yup. Track 4 and 5 were for Ed Droste, however A Simple Answer is sang mainly by Daniel Rossen. I like his voice, it somehow reminds me of the Twilight movies. The beat of A Simple Answer is kinda up-tempo but not too busy, and it’s kinda 70s. I like the song, it’s a nice build-up and it has a calm ending. 9/10

7. What’s Wrong
Again a slow and long track, which isn’t automatically negative. This song builds slowly but stays mainly on a basic level. I would call this song a Lounge track. Only the last seconds are more busy than the rest of the track, but not that much like the ending of Yet Again. 7.5/10

8. Gun-Shy
More up-tempo than 7, but still quite relaxed. The line of the album is at the beginning busy but from track 5 it gets relaxed and cool. Gun-Shy has many sounds but stays relaxing. It’s not my favorite, but it’s not a pain to listen. 7/10

9. Half Gate
Dark, building up and going down, all Grizzly Bear Style! I like how they begin slow, build up to a climax, and go down again. Definitely a nice track, good use of guitar and Ed Droste’s voice. Fits the album for sure! 9/10

10. Sun in Your Eyes
In the beginning VERY slow, at the end VERY busy. The perfect ending of Shields. You have to love it to understand it, else it might feel like sun in your eyes. 9/10 

Liked it
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