Seven Non-traditional Christmas Songs for This Holiday Season

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Every Christmas, I enjoy listening to traditional Christmas songs with my family. This year I decided to make a Christmas CD with newer songs. Here are seven non-traditional Christmas songs I picked for this holiday season.

1. Josh Groban, Believe

My son adores “The Polar Express.” That’s when I first heard “Believe.”Josh Groban’s voice is very soft and beautiful, perfect for a Christmas song. The quality orchestra sound is amazing.

2. Aly and AJ, Greatest Time of Year

The song is packed with electric guitar, and a great high-energy chorus. The melody is original and pretty with lots of bells. It’s great for kids as well as adults.

3. Harry Connick Jr., When My Heart Finds Christmas

“When My Heart Finds Christmas” starts out as a romantic song, added with strings, and builds to a crescendo at the end. I never get tired of listening to Harry’s amazing voice. It’s strong and powerful. It gives me goose bumps.

4. Taylor Swift, Christmases When You Were Mine

Taylor’s singing on this track is very pure and innocent. Her songs are always filled with so much emotion and sincerity. A beautiful Christmas song, not just for the young generation.

5. The Maine, Ho Ho Hopefully

The Maine is a new indie band who has been bringing pop rock to thousands of screaming teenage girls. “Ho Ho Hopefully” is a fun Christmas song that will get stuck in your head.

6. Sarah Mclachlan, Wintersong

“Wintersong” by Sarah McLachlan is done in a sincere and gentle way. The words are powerful and her voice is graceful and touching. It’s on the sad side of Christmas songs.

7. 98 Degrees, This Gift

“This Gift” is such a beautiful song, perfected with soulful harmonies. It’s modern, yet very spiritual. Something for the entire family to enjoy.

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