How Can You Effectively and Safely Sample Music

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There are times when you listen to a sing and feel like you have listened it before too.

It may be from an old cassette or a CD. It may also be possible that you heard it while surfing the Internet. This is actually what Sampling does. Sampling is a skill that every aspiring musician needs to learn these days. In this article, we will tell you about how you can effectively and safely sample music. This will help you in giving a special touch to your compositions. It will brush up your skills and make your music special.

How To Sample Music In A Safe and Effective Way

1) First of all you should search some good bands and music groups which are known for sample music. You will be able to find a lot of this information on the Internet. The next thing is to listen to their music and notice the use of a software sampler. You should notice the bits which they put in to make their music sound good, real and organic. A good sampler ensures that the music you create seems to be as good as new.

2) The next step is to search a public domain to get some samples. It will be good to listen to some of the samples before you download them. You may notice a different or additional sound clearly on all samples. These will usually seem to have the same origin.

3) You should always use sample songs which sound great, but are lesser known to the masses. Samples may land you in trouble if you are using the ones associated with high profile record companies which have spent millions of dollars to create them. Moreover, people may accuse you of plagiarizing the whole deal. Therefore, it is always good to go for songs which are lesser known.

4) Make sure you use everything you can. It does not matter if your samples belong to a different country or genre of music. As long as it sounds good, you should not hesitate to use it. Moreover, if you feel the sample is iffy, you should put it deep in the mix. If your sample is from a popular artist, just put in under many different sounds so that no one clearly notices.

5) Another idea which may work is to mix up everything using a software sampler. You can add various different sounds, echos, reverb delay, chorus, flanger, distortion, spacer, vocalizer, bring the tempo down or up etc. You will have a complete control over your music. The best part is that there are infinite number of songs to use as samples. If one song does not work out for you, make sure you test a lot of different songs. Always go ahead with the best option which people like. However, you should make sure that people do not get to know about the sample you chose. This way, your music will always sound good and real. You can use all these steps to effectively sample music.

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